Former Governor of Kogi State Ibro Reply Yahaya Bello claimed of his Inability to pay Salaries because of money borrow by him


Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, former Governor of Kogi State has reply Yahaya Bello of Kogi, of his claimed that it was the PDP administration that run Kogi dry that is why he cannot pay salaries and pension.

Yahaya Bello, the Kogi State Governor in a television interview with his media aid told channel television, that Kogi Government cannot pay Salaries and pension because of money borrow by People Democratic Party (PDP), when they are in power.

Responding to the allegation Ibro said “Throughout My 8 Years In Office, I Didn’t Borrow A Kobo From Any Bank Or Organization”.

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He then challenge Yahaya Bello or anyone who can proved or show evidence of money borrow by him when he was in power.

He statement continued, “I’m challenging them, because they claimed I borrowed money and it was affecting the payment of salary. I’m challenging the governor to tell the world if I borrow one kobo from either international or local banks. I’m telling you with pride today that throughout my eight years in office, I did not borrow a kobo from any bank or organization. I never borrowed and Kogites know that because, during my time, salaries were paid as and when due. I was the first governor in North Central to approve minimum wage, relativity and harmonization. Even pensioners, as soon as workers retired, they got their entitlement.”

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