The conspirators kidnapped the true Chief Ogiamien Osarobo Okunoghae in order to distort and use Ogiamien story to twist Benin ancient history


By Ede Efe Ewuare

The prime suspects are those who wants to tie Benin history to Ile Ife at all cost, those who coronated themselves as the new Ogiamien and currently peddling lies on social media and those riverine tenants who are claiming to be the descendants of Ogiso who coronated themselves as Pere of Olodiama. You all know yourselves but Edo ghi gia werie - Ede Efe.

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Ogiamien was never the owner of the land not where ohen iso is, not where the uzama and ibiwes where. For evian was just an administrator not a king and if you dont know what ekiokpagha treaty was, let me lecture you it was a traditional hand over agreement between Oba the rightful heir and Evians children who were usurping their fathers role as administrator and rebelling against the king. Erebo became ogiamien of benin a junior uzama during Oba Ewedos era and so Ogiamien was never a kingly title but a nickname. Ekiokpagha treaty was like the cease fire agreement between the presidency and Niger Delta militants that is honoured by every incoming president of Nigeria, does that now mean that Niger Delta militants own Niger Delta or are they president of Nigeria? Just like the presidential amnesty, Oba Ewedo granted amnesty to Erebo and made him a Benin chief and gave him the title Ogiamien.

Chief Osarobo the Ogiamien of Benin kingdom, the head of the Ogiamien family has been missing for years till date, Arisco, ogiesuyi and co should tell the world what happened to him. Arisco is now claiming Ogiamien when the real Ogiamien has not been found dead or alive, and the said Arisco is a son to a woman in Ogiamien family. He used money and power to collect the title and you can not be Ogiamien without the approval of the great Oba of Benin - Uwa Osaghae

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