Gossips: Focus on how to make your relationship work instead of modeling it after anybody


Beautiful damsel Abah Treasure Ojochegbe has come out to advise young ladies/guys to work on their relationship according to her, she said there are no perfect relationship, as such stop following what you see on social media.

She also advice the ladies/guys to retrace their step, the should realised that talk mean a lot in relationship.

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Her post read' "There is no perfect relationship
If your role model fuck up along the line, there is a tendency of you getting confused and lost along on the track
Don't be carried away by posts on social media, you can make ur own that beautiful as well.
Every relationship has it thick and thin
But the ability to stand and pass through it together can make yours outstanding amongst others.
Hey, go back sit down and talk, retrace ur steps to where u fall out of the track
Communication is an important tool, use it, apologies to each and move on...

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