I walk away when I hear Igbo's talk about Marginalization-OKOLO CHIEDOZIEM BENWILLIAM (smart)


According OKOLO CHIEDOZIEM BENWILLIAM (smart); When I hear my fellow igbos talk about marginalization from both hausa and Yoruba's, all I do is to smile and walk away. You want to know why???
Recently, I have a friend who applied for Nigerian navy (an igbo), I helped him out with the online registration, paid for the cyber services, and other things needed. When it was time to get a signature from his local government (UDI), we were asked to pay the sum of #500 before they could sign, I paid the fee. When it was time to go to the divisional police headquarters which is located at 9th mile.... To my greatest suprise umunne m! The hausa man who was incharge of the division didn't collect a dime from us. We went to police college oji river to sign the guarantor's form, the igbo man CSP that was required to sign said he can't! When asked why he simply said he doesn't want to get into trouble.... We smiled and walked away. We went to enugu state civil service to get a director's signature, we were asked to pay 5k, we ran away and went down to 82div enugu, we were asked by an igbo army personnel to bring a bribe of 6k, on our way leaving the premises, something happened! The igbo man's army oga (Hausa man) came out and asked why we came, we explained everything and the man simply signed the form, gave us 1k for transportation, and also gave us his number. We have never met this man before o! You can imagine.
Let me ask these simple questions:
What if my guy didn't get into navy because we didn't sign the guarantor's form, would it have amounted to marginalization?
What if we couldnt afford the #500 at the local government, would he had been recruited into the navy without the local government approval?
Let us stop stressing and punishing ourselves Ndi igbo! We all suffer at the end.
Thanks for your time.

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