DRC Star Get Suspended French Sentence for Rape of Minor


French court seating on Monday granted Congolese singer Koffi Olomide a two year prison suspension sentence for the accusations of raping of Minor, his former dancers when she was 15 years old.

Olomide was said to has went on trial after four of his former dancers accused him of sexual assault.

According to channel tv, the assault was reported to has taken place between 2002 and 2006, in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in France, including a villa outside Paris where the women claimed they were held against their will.

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The dancers said they managed to escape over night from the villa in June 2006, since then, they has not returned to their country for fear of reprisals.

After a Report of having an Affair With Actress Prosecutors at his trial in Nanterre, outside Paris, had requested a seven year imprisonment, but the court dismissed the assault and kidnapping allegation against Olomide, who is 62 years old, but, was also ordered to pay 5,000 euros ($5,700) in damages to the former dancer, as well as a 5,000-euro fine for assisting three of the women to illegally enter France.

Olomide is a singer, and his real name is Antoine Agbepa Mumba, he was first charged in 2012 with aggravated rape but the charges were subsequently reduce.

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Olimide fled to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2009 because of the French arrest warrant he was facing, but he had said initially that he will appear at the trial to defend himself, but, he failed to appear for the trial last month, that was held behind the closed doors as the women's request.

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Channel TV report that " This is a complete victory. The accusation's entire case fell apart," his lawyer Emmanuel Marsigny said after the ruling. The court also dismissed the charges against two men accused of being complicit in the assaults. It was not the first time Olomide had been charged with violence. He was briefly jailed in DR Congo in 2016 for kicking one of his dancers and had already been given a suspended three-month prison sentence in 2012 for striking his producer He is also currently sought by Zambian police for striking a Rwandan photojournalist in Lusaka in 2012. Olomide already had a brush with the law in France, with a court finding him guilty of tax fraud in 2006."


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