Bassa kwomu militias attack Ogate (Egbura) community


Bassa kwomu militias has attacked Ogate community early hours of Thursday morning 14 of March 2019.

The militias have said to come into the community in numbers and started shooting sporadically.

As God may have it way, non of the communities peoples was heat by the bullets.

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To confirmed the development, a called was put through to the village, the youth from the village who respond to our called said yes it is true that Bassa kwomu militias attack our village these morning, but we are able to repel them successfully.

In responding to the incident, the youths from the villages now swing into action to repel the attack, of which they successful repel the attack and one of the Bassa kwomu militias was arrested.

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Ogate is an Egbura Community under Toto Local Government Area (LGA), of Nasarawa State.

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