Mal Nasir El-Rufai. Kaduna state Governor had blasted all those prominent politician from various state that promised to deliver their state to Buhari.

According him many people who promised to deliver there state and various region to Buhari failed to so in just concluded presidential election.

According to crackdown newspaper, malam Nasiri said; My joy is that this election has exposed southern Nigeria and politicians from the south in APC as irrelevant, mouthy and worthless.

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They have been busted as a bunch of people who come to Aso rock to make claims and promises that they cannot fulfil. They will henceforth be seen as men with no political value, full of noise and nothing more.

How will Osinbajo (who expects Buhari to hand over to him in 2023) explain to the north why he lost his polling unit, ward and local government area in Lagos?
How will Fashola escape the query why he lost Surulere, his local government to Pdp?
How can Akpabio ever have the courage to look Buhari in the face again after his crash in Akwa Ibom?
Can Oshiomohole still dance about after his flop in Edo?
What will Abiola Ajimobi tell the cabal and Buhari now?
All the serving ministers from the south east lost their polling units. Where them go get mouth now?

Amechi failed to deliver in Rivers state. How will he be regarded going forward?
Tinubu promised to deliver south west votes in block to Buhari and the north believed him. Is it not a thing of shame that he failed and almost lost Lagos if not for some doctoring and cancellations here and there?

Tinubu will never be the same again. The minister of foreign affairs could only muster 7 votes for Buhari in his polling unit in Enugu. That the governor of Imo state had to detain a returning officer and force him to declare that he is the winner of a mere senatorial election speaks volumes.
What a disgrace.

All the noise by southern politicians in APC to use "federal might" has eventually turned out to be mere sound and fury ,signifying nothing. The north will hold on to power for the next 12 years, in my view. Southern Nigeria is a joke'. Nasiru said.

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