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SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. On these post we are going to discuss About SEO, and the important of it. First I will like to clarify the mind set of mostly, those who are new to world of blogging about SEO. You should understand that SEO itself did not drive traffic to your website or blog, what SEO does is to help your website to be seen by millions of people on the internet, then the choice of them visiting your website depend on the quality of content you publish on your website.

SEO is of different segment, there are SEO develop to assist your website to load faster, those are often work by keeping your website clean of all bugs, and also optimize the images on your website to the search engine required standard.

There are SEO working to send your website content to search engine, what it mean by 'search engine' is the platform that provide engine room that store every information send to it, and provide it to anyone who search for it. Search engine is like a store house that store all information put in it, so it store data from every website summited to it.

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The important of search engine is that, you only required to submit your website url and then verified it that is all, they will do the rest of the work to make sure content from your website appear on the search engine.


Why optimization is the ability to make your website load faster and be discovered in the search engine. Anything that can make your website load faster, be discovered and valued or ranked high in search engine, or meet search engine requirement, is called optimization. So you can see that there are two different meaning in the world SEO, but they cannot do without each other.

Example of search engine are

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
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The two listed above is the most used search engine in the world, google is leading, every website in the world summit there content to google if only they want to excel by gain millions of visitors. Yahoo is not all that popular like google, but is still try to send little visitors to any website summited to them.

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Your website cannot just be found in google or any of the search engine, until you manually summit it to them, and upon submission, you have to verify the website submitted before search engine will begin crawling your site and then render your website content visible to your respective visitors.

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