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Google AdSense is one of the best way of earning revenue from website or blog. Almost millions of blog and website today earns money from google AdSense. AdSense display advert on the publisher website base on the content which the publisher publish on their website “that is why AdSense is sometime called AdSense base content”. Google AdSense is own by Google company. When it comes to easy and fast way of making money from a website or blog, google AdSense still the best among all of other AdSense advertiser across the globe.

Google AdSense pay their publisher on PPC (pay per click). PPC is often set on the AdWords when an advertiser is submitting their content to google AdWords. The amount to be paid per click is determine by the advertiser, so google did not set the amount to be pay per click. But advertiser cannot fund less than $10 to their AdWords account, the minimum set by google to advertiser to be deposited into their AdWords account is $10.

The revenue come from the publisher is shared between google and the publisher. Often google pay 68% of the revenue to their publisher why google itself hold 32%. What it means is that whenever you earn money from any of the pay per click advert from AdSense displaying on your website, the revenue earn is shared between you and google.

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AdWords is an advertiser platform which is also own by google. On the AdWords platform, the advertiser, summit their product to be advertise on their AdWords account.

Before you can be able to summit your advert to google AdWords, you must sign up for google AdWords, the sign up is free but you must pay before advert you summited on AdWords to be publish on the publisher website or blog.

When you sign up for google AdWords, you must be assigned with Advertiser id number that is the number google will use to connect your product with the publisher.

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The same is applicable to the publisher anyone who want to publish AdSense on his/her website must first of all create google account and then sign up for AdSense account.

Upon signing in up for the account, he/she will be assign two number which is pub id number, and advertiser number.

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But before then, your account must first be approved by google AdSense. Google AdSense have many rules, and expectation they required before they can approved your website to be publishing AdSense on your website.

Some of such requirement are;

  1. Your website/blog must be fully build.

If your website is under construction, google will not approve your AdSense account.

  1. Your website must be at list 6 month old and above.

What it mean is that at list your website/blog must be build up and running for at list 6 month or above before you sign up for AdSense account.

  1. You must have some good content publish on your website, and the content must not be copy work. Meaning that you must not publish other people work on your website. It must be a content writing by you. And a list make sure you have not less than 20 good content publish before applying for google AdSense.
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Other requirement is; your website must be good, and clean design, and must be easy to navigate, that mean the visitors to your website should not find it difficult to find navigation url on your website/blog.

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