Pre-analytical Quality Control


Pre-analytical: these are quality control applied before the commencement of the analysis.

These type of quality control include patients status and collection of blood.

Patient status

Patient Status: can simply be refer as the physiological condition of the patient at that point when collecting blood sample for diagnostic analysis.

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These are to reduce the differences in the final result. So situations, such as food intake or physical exercises can led to increase or decreases level of some certain substance in the body fluid being investigated. In most of the blood sample for clinical chemistry analysis, almost fasting is not necessary, because the final result is not affected, but in some test, like glucose, triglycerides, and inorganic phosphorus tests, the patient must be on fasting for at least 12 hours before collecting the blood sample. Ingestion of food and day time variation can alter the composition of the chemical substance in the blood. As such, it is recommended to collect the blood sample in the morning before the patients take it breakfasts, often, 4 to 6 hours fast will surface. When investigating plasma lactate, the patient should be subjected to rest before collecting the sample.

Collection of specimens

Always have it in mind that all clinical sample are highly pathogenic. So make sure that all safety precaution are adhere to when collecting sample for analysis. Further more, proper identification of the patient must be carried out before collecting sample from the patient.


And properly filled request form must accomplish the sample send to the laboratory.

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