Rapper, Die of Auto-crash


Rapper Cadet Dies of Autos crash

British rapper, cadet have passed away in a motor car accident on his way to perform at event early hours of Saturday 9 February 2019.

28 years old cadet which his real name is Blaine Cameron Johnson was on his way to venue when his car crashed with another car on the main road.

According to the information send to omokoshaban.com Cadet die at scene of the accident, despite effort of the paramedics to revive him, their efforts yield fruitless result as he give up. Two driver, aged 36 and 22, which where also involved in the accident, where taken to hospital with serious injuries, and other three passenger sustain Minor injuries, and they wear treated.

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On the sad news, reaching the cadet family, they took to Instagram to notified cadet fan of his death bellow is the Instagram post.

May his soul rest in Peace.

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