How to write blog post to attract more visitors


How to write blog post that can keep your visitors

Attracting visitor to your blog did not depend on how long your post is, but how constructive and short you write your post. When your post is well constructed and short, visitors to your blog/website will not find it boring when reading. The most annoying part of visiting a website by your visitors, is to view a post and fine the post so long that it will take them many hours to complete reading that post, 95% of the reader never pay attention to such post, some of them close it immediately when they find out that the post is so long that they cannot finish reading it within 30 minute.

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On the post we going to discuss on how to write your blog post and attract visitor to your website, and help keep them.

I want to ask you a question, have you ever visit a post that you find so interesting to read, but immediately you open the post you find out that it will take you many hours to complete the reading? If yes what did you do then? I guest your answer will be either you close the post or bookmark it to come back later and read it. In whatever answer is you chose, that is how other people that visit your website fill. On the issue of bookmark, remember that many people have a lot of things doing some of them never remember that they bookmark any page immediately the log out there browser. So in what in whatever way you think you do with such long post that you find interesting, we will still advice you that you try as much as you can to keep your post short.

Here are the tips to write short and constructive

  1. Go straight to the point

Whenever you are writing post try as much as possible to keep post shot by avoiding unnecessary written, such as introduction to your website, for example (welcome to, how you want them to read the and so on.. Avoid them completely, these are total waste of time many people find it boring, and if the close that web page, they never come back.

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  1. Use diagram and Picture

Using picture is not only the best way to keep your written short but also help give better illustration of what you are writing about. So we advise you to use picture, with little text to keep your post short and constructive.

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