Red blood cells Haemolysis

Red blood cells is not often used for any biochemical test in the laboratory, because of the rupture of the red blood cells may yield false result. The mechanism behind it is that, when red blood cells haemolysed it release substance into the serum or the plasma, these substance led to false increment of a substance to be  investigated.

On these post we going to teach you how to avoid red blood cells haemolysis. To avoid red blood cells haemolysis;

  1. Make sure that you use good, clean and dry syringe and needle to collect blood sample from the patient.
  2. Make sure that you withdraw the blood slowly and steadily without any hindrance.
  3. After collecting the sample from the patient, keep the blood for some times to clot and retraction of the clot to take place.
  4. Never centrifuge the blood for long time. 3 to 5 minute centrifuge at 700g is enough.
  5. Never sake the blood sample when discarding on the container, you are advice to mix the blood gentle if the container contain anticoagulant.
  6. Never freeze the whole blood samples.

With these step you can be able to avoid haemolysed blood.

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