How to create WordPress from scratch for free


How create wordpress from scratch

On these post we are going to learn how to build WordPress in a two simple step and continued blogging.

To create WordPress website, there are two ways.

1. To create WordPress website with

when you are creating wordPress  with, you can descide to buy domain name instantly with them or use free hosting plan with free domain. when using free domain from your domain name will be for example of which if you want you have to by from them or by from another company and asign or mount it with your website.

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now to create wordpress with, open your favorite browser type in or click HERE TO CREATE YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE

after you click on the link above it as to register with, please use any of email to create account. after creating the account click on my website on your account dashboard it will shown a page below 

 on the page above, click stat now to begin creating your free

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2. To buy a hosting plan and installed

when you have already purchase a domain name, and website hosting plan from a website hosting company, you can create wordpress website using softaculous installer

to begin stalling wordpress on your purchase hosting plan, login to your control panel (Cpanel)

On your control panel click on sofaculous installer shown on the picture above, it will take you to another page shown below

now on the above page, click on wordPress  it will display install demo and Overview, click install, after clicking on install it will take you to a page shown below

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on the above page you have to fill the option given, so whatever you fill here is what is going to be used on your wordpress dashboard. do not change anything from the file above, only thing you will change is, you have to delete in Directory column wp you see on that column delete it so that your wordpress to be install on example, but if you did not delete the wp, your wordpress will be install as the (wp) mean thing, is scroll down still on the pages shown above you see place where they request you to type in password and admin name to be use on the wordpress dashboard, there you type in the name you want and the password.


 Next on the bottom of the page shown above you have to choose themes for your wordpress, please select themes of your choice, after that click install to complete your installation.

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