Department of Medical Laboratory

Medical Lab

The medical lab is divided into 4 sections which are as follows

  1. Clinical Chemistry
  2. Microbiology
  3. Histology
  4. Heamatology

Clinical Chemistry

This is a section of the medical laboratory which deals in analysing the chemical constituent of the blood or body through the use of various chemicals.
some examples of the examination done in this lab as follows:

Examination of glucose content, ph, urinalysis, protein , cholesterol , liver function test , prostate specific antigen , hormonal profile and many others .



this is branch that deals with the study of microorganism which cannot be seen with the eyes but through the use of a microscope . This section has various branches such as the following



-Medical Mycology

-Basic immunology and serum diagnosis

Some examples of Common test in the microbiology department are as follows

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Widal test, culture and sensitivity, veneral disease research laboratory (syphillis) etc


This is branch of the medical laboratory which deals with the examination of diseases which affect the tissues


This branch of the medical laboratory is concerned with blood, blood transfusion and storage.

Some of the major test carried out by this section are blood grouping, genotype test, haemoglobin etc.

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