CHM 102 Introductory Organic Chemistry TMA1 Questions and answer


Introductory Organic Chemistry TMA 2

Question 1: The decarboxylation of carboxylic acid yields which of the following compound

A. Alkylhalides

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B. Alkanes

C. Alkynes

D. Alkenes

The answer is B. Alkanes

Question 2 : An alkyl group that has three carbon atoms bonded to the carbon atom taken as point attachment is calied ___

A. Primary

B. Quartenary

C. Secondary

D. Tertiary

The answer is D. Tertiary

Question 3 : Give the IUPAC nomenchlature for this structure CH,-CIH2-CH(CH)-CHCH:CH3)-CH2 CH2-CH

A. 4-ethyl-3-methyloctane

B. 3-ethyl-5-octane

C. 4-ethyl-6 -octane

D. 4-ethyl-5-methyl octane

The answer is A. 4-ethyl-3-methyloctane

Question 4 : In IUPAC nomenchlature of akenes, the____group is given the lowest possibie number

A. methyl

B. Parent

C. Functional

D. Leaving

The answer is C. Functional

Question 5: when 1,5- dihalogen derivatives of alkanes are treated with sodium or zinc, the product formed is____

Question 6: All these are methads of preparation f alkenes EXCEPT ____reaction method

A. Cannizaro

B. Retro Dests Alde

C. Wittig

D. Dehydration of alcohols

The answer is A. Cannizaro

Question 7 : The hydrohalogenation alkynes is in accordance with___

A. Anti markownikoffsl rule

B. Sayzeff rule

C. Markownikoffsl rule

D. Hunds rule

The answer is C. Markownikoffsl rule

Question 8:____is the functional group in this compound


A. Alkyne

B. Alkene

C. Aromatic

D. Amine

The answer is B. Alkene

Question 9:The saturated hydrocarbons contain the carbon and hydrogen atoms linked to each other by single bonds and are called____

A. Alkanes

B. Alkynes

C. Alkenes

D. Aromatic

Question 10: A benzene ring with OCH, at position one, F at position two and CHCH at position four is

A. 2-fluoro-4-ethylanisole

B. 4-ethyl-2-fluorotoluene

C. 2-fluoro-4-ethyl toluene

D. 4-ethy-2-fluoroanisole

The answer is D. 4-ethy-2-fluoroanisole

Question 11: in the ____ hydrocarbons, the carbon atom are linked to each other to form chain straight of branched .

A. Unsaturated

B. Aromatic

C. Aliphatic

D. Alicyclic

The answer is D. Alicyclic

Question 12: The ____ provide a backbone to which various functional groups may be attached to yieid an enormous variety of organic compounds

A. Hydrocarbons

B. Structural formula

C. Bonds

D. isomers

The answer is B. Structural formula

Question 13: What is the IUPAC name of tert-butyl?

A. 1-methylpropyl

B. Butyl

C. 2-methylpropyl

D. 1, 1-dimethylethyl

The answer is D. 1, 1-dimethylethyl

Question 14: ____is how a sigma (Φ) bond is formed

A. edge-on overlap of pure s and p orbitals

B. sideways overlap of p orbitals

C. sideways overlap of s and p orbitals

D. edge-on overlap of p orbitals

The answer is A. edge-on overlap of pure s and p orbitals

Question 15: Alkenes are readily hydroxylated (addition of hydroxyl groups) to form a dihydroxy compound (diol) known as _____

A. enols

B. phenol

C. glycols

D. ketone

The answer is C. Glycols

Question 16: Rapid decolourization of bromine solution serves as a test for the presence of the ___ in a compound

A. C. Triple bond C

B. C=C

C. C=C

D. C-C

The answer is C. C=C

Question 17: ____are the compounds that have identical molecular formulas but differ in the ways in which bonded to each other

A. Alkenes

B. Minomers

The answer is Isomers

Question 18: The amount of energy required to break a particular bond is called _____

A. potential energy

B. Bond energy

C. Kinetic energy

D. Bond dissociation energy

The answer is D.Bond dissociation energy

Question 19: The IUPAC name for the Structure

CH³-CH(CH)-C triple bond C-CH³

is _____

A. 3-methylpent-4-yne

B. 4-methylpent-2-yne

C. 2-methylpent-4-yne

D. 2-methylpent-3-yne

The answer is D. 2-methylpeny-3-yne

Question 20: The catalyst required for the hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons moderate temperature and pressure is ____

A. Nickel

B. Palladium

C. I Vanadium (v) Oxide

D. Iron

The answer is A. Nickel

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