Bacteria Organisms



Types of bacteria and their economic importance

  1. Helicopter pylori which causes Ulcer.
  2. Vibro Cholerae which causes Cholera.
  3. Neisseria meningitidis which causes Meningitis.
  4. Treponema palladium which causes Syphilis.
  5. Bacillus anthracis which causes a common disease of livestock and human.
  6. Clostridum tetani which causes Tetanus.
  7. Mycobacterium leprae which causes Leprosy.
  8. Mycobacterium marinum which causes Aquarium granuloma.
  9. Mycobacterium tuberculosis which causes Tuberculosis.
  10. Mycobacterium bovis which causes Tuberculosis.
  11. Yersina pestis which causes Plague.
  12. Bacillus thurinhiensis which is used as a biological pesticide.
  13. Shigella flexneri which causes Diarrhea.
  14. Shigella boydil which causes Dysentery.
  15. Brucella melitensis which causes Ovine brucellosis.
  16. Brucella abortus which causes Brucellosis.
  17. Brucella canis which causes brucellosis in dogs.
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