Balance of chemical Equation


Balance of chemical Equation

Basically, the knowledge implanted in the laws of combination and Dalton atomic theory where use to balance any chemical equations.

Dalton atomic theory was stated by English chemist John Dalton in year 1808.

The main summary of the theory are as followed;

  1. Matter are made up of small indivisible particle known as atom
  2. Atom cannot be destroy neither can it be created
  3. The atom of an element look alike and have different feature from the atom of all other atomic element.
  4. Combination of chemical reaction take place between the small whole number of an atoms

In balancing chemical equation, it involve mathematics. The following are the mathematic that is involved in balancing chemical equation; multiplication and addition, point to understand in terms of the law of conservation of matter and Dalton atomic theory. Just like simple mathematics, chemical equation have two side; which is left and right.

Chemical equation is said to be balance when the number of the different element on the right is equal to the number of the different element on the left. Take note that we are going to be considering atom here. Balancing of chemical equation can be built on the following illustration.

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On the illustration, we use formation of water

Hydrogrn + oxygen                      →                                  water

The chemical equation is

H2  +   O2                                             →                              H2O

Left                                                                                       right

Reactant                                                                            product

On the left hand side of the equation, two atom of hydrogen and two atom of oxygen combine to form water which is on the left hind side of the equation. If we look at the equation above, we can see that we have two atom of hydrogen and two atom of the oxygen on the left that means on the left the equation is balance. But on the right we have two atom of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen that mean the equation on the right is not balance, as such it must be balance in other to obey Dalton theory, that said atom cannot be created or destroy.

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Now we have to balance the right hand side by multiplying it by 2

H2  +   O2                                             →                              2H2O

Left                                                                                       right

Now on we have 4 hydrogen on the right and 2 hydrogen on the left so we need to balance the hydrogen on the left my multiplying it by 2

2H2  +   O2                                             →                             2H2O


Left                                                                                           right

Now both hydrogen and oxygen on the both side of the equation are now balance.

Details on balancing of chemical equation will be discussed on oxidation reduction reaction

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