Type of centrifuge



Type of centrifuge

Centrifuge is basically made up of two type, there production is based on the way the rotate known as rotors. The two type of centrifuge are named as;

  1. fixed angle centrifuge
  2. swing out centrifuge

fixed angle centrifuge: as the name imply these type of centrifuge are made up in such a way the rotors head is fixed in and angle shape. The head of the centrifuge look like cups or like a tube. These head is fixed in an angle. These side of fixing give the centrifuge a significant power that make it give absolute centrifuge compare to swing type of centrifuge. These type of centrifuge offer high efficiency of undisturbed sediment when the centrifuge stop spinning, as particle in the fluid deposited on the corner of the centrifuging tube.

Swing out rotor centrifuge: these centrifuge are made up with a swing out of head. On these type of centrifuge, the cups or tube are fixed in such a way that they will be in the vertical position when the centrifuge is at rest, but when it on motion, the head will swing out on the vertical position. The type of centrifuge yield the particle that is sendimented at the bottom of the tube. These type of centrifuge are further classified as model type of centrifuge.

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