in our previous topic we discussed on the following;

What did you understand by the following terms; (a) Auxochrome (b) bathochromic shift (c) hyperchromic shift?

On that topic definition of the words where given so you can click on the above Link to read about it, if you don’t already have knowledge of it. On this topic we will be focus on Chromophore.

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Chromophore is a chemical group that give colour to a molecule.

Chromophore decide the colour of a chemical compound they are found, for example of such a chemical group NO2, N2 and O2.

In ultraviolet spectroscopy, chromophore can simply be look at, as that of a particular region of the organic molecule in which ultraviolet or visible radiation are absorb. Chromophore help classified functional group of organic molecule. with that, Chromophore can be used to identify functional of the structure of each organic molecule.

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Above are some of the listed Chromophore of analytical important.


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