Physical diagnosis

This have to do with manual procedures of examine patient. on this method of examination step which may be taken include;




and auscultation.

This help in the procedure of diagnosis process which will result in getting all the information obtained from the medical history when the physical examinations they are completed. At this point a workable diagnosis is established and test are choosing that may assist in keeping the diagnosis or rejecting the diagnosis.


Some patient feel uncomfortable even some get anxious when they are examined by medical doctors because they feel that they are exposed and are subjected to so many form of embarrassment in terms of personal information concerning their health status. On this status they are afraid and not comfortable. With this situation the doctor try to make less the anxiety of the patient by giving him or her the platform on the types of examination are to be carried out and the level of discomfort which it will subject the patience to. During the course of the examination the feeling of the patient right must be conserved this will go a long way in carving the patient anxiety.

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