Forfeiture of citizenship


“1. In accordance with the provision of the constitution a person forfeit his Nigerian citizenship if not being a citizen of Nigeria by birth he acquired or retain the citizenship or nationality of a country other than Nigeria of which he is not a citizen by birth.

  1. Any registration of a person as a citizen of Nigeria or the grant of a certificate of neutralization to a person who is a citizen of a country other than Nigeria at the time of such registration or grandchild if he is not a citizen by birth of that other country be conditions upon the effective renunciation citizenship or nationalities of that other country written a period of not more than 12 months from the date of such registrations or grant.”
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The purpose of (1) and (2) is to checkmate the idea of dual citizenship. That is to say that a nigerian cannot take up the citizenship of another country at the same time he has to renounce one for example one cannot have both Nigeria citizenship and that of Ghana. And once one renounce the citizenship of Nigeria he is no longer expected to live in Nigeria. Having dual citizenship will create haven for criminals who if commit crime in one country can run to another country for refuge.

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