Discovery of noble gas

Discovery of noble gas

the first noble gas to be discovered is the helium. Helium was discovered in a special way on the extraterrestrial before it was found on earth.

Pirre Janssen was a French astronomer who travel to India to study the eclipse of the sun in the year 1868. When Janssen uses his spectroscopy to view the eclipse of the sun he observed a new yellow line near the sodium D line in the sun chromophore spectrum. this new yellow line viewed by Janssen, project to englishman chemist E. Frankland astronomer and Sir J. Norman Lockyer to assume that there is existence of new element which is not yet discovered which is the element helium. Helium which derives its name from Greek word Helios meaning the sun. But Sir William Ramsay establish the terrestrial existence of helium in the year 1895.


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