Chemistry: can be define as a branch of science that deal with composition, structure and formation of chemical.

Chemistry deal with general information about chemicals. Chemistry often refer as mother of science because of it connection with all most all field of science.

Important of chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most valuable area of science, because, everything you could talk about in the world have it origin trace to chemical.

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Chemistry has a valuable important to animals plants and animals for example biochemistry at the branch of science or chemical science that deals with the structural and the chemical compositions of life, such DNA.

Chemical is the bed rock of any any industrial all over the world.

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Production of rubber, medicine, petroleums, gas, food and beverages etc.

Branch of chemistry

Chemistry is decided into the following branch;

  1. Biochemistry

  2. Analytical chemistry

  3. Physical chemistry

  4. Organic chemistry

  5. Inorganic chemistry

Others classifications are


Physio chemistry

Clinical chemistry

And many more.

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