Oxytocin injection


Oxytocin injection

as we can see today we are going to look at the oxytocin injection probably the use the indication and the dosage with administration. So let begin with presentation.


Oxytocin is available in camplouse containing 3IU (5.00µg/ml Oxytocin Bp with activity of 600 per mg) 5IU(8.33µg/ml) and 10IU (16.66µg/ml): sodium chloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate, water for injection.


Principle action: The active principle of oxytocin injection bp is is synthetic non appetite identical with oxytocin, hormone released by the posterior lobe of the pituitary. it exerts a stimulatory effect on the smooth musculature of the uterus particularly towards the end of pregnancy, during labour, after delivery, and indeed puerperium, i.e At the time when the number of specific oxytocin receptor in the myometrium is increased.

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When given by a low dose intravenous infusion, oxytocin injection illicit rhythmic uterine Contraction that are indistinguishable in frequency, false and duration from those observed during spontaneous labour. At higher infusion dosage or when given by single injection the drug is capable of causing sustained uterine contraction.

Being synthetic, oxytocin injection does not contain vasopressin, but even in its pure form ugly person possess some weak interesting like anti diuretic activity. another pharmacological effect observed with high dosage of oxytocin, particularly when administered by a rapid intravenous bolus injection consist in a transient direct relaxing effect on vascular smooth muscle resulting in brief hypertension flashing and reflex tachycardia.



Oxytocin injection may be used for: induction of labour for medical reasons; Stimulation of labour in hypertonic uterine inertia; during caesarean section following the delivery of the child; prevention and treatment of postpartum uterine atony and hemorrhage. oxytocin may also be indicated in early stage of pregnancy as an adjunctive therapy for the management of incomplete, inevitable or missed abortion.

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