2018 GST202 fundamental of peace studies and conflict resolutionTMA3 question and answer


Question 1____ introduce to the theory of conflict the view of productive and constructive conflict?

Answer is Dahrendorf

Question 2 the monrovia group charter was signed in____?

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Answer is lagos nigeria

Question 3 the organisation of African (OAU) unity was born in_____?

Answer is 25th of may 1963

Question 4. the west Africa region was colonized by_____?

Question 5 economic community of west African sub-region we are colonized by?

Question 6 the organ in Africa unions are?

Answer is court of justice, the executive council, and pan-african parliament

Question 7 is the objective of (OAU) are?

Answer is faster unity in the african state, and eradication of colonialism in african continent

Question 8 how many organs of ecowas?

answer is ecowas has 4 organs

Question 9 united nation children education fund (UNICEF) setup in?

Answer is 1946

Question 10 international labour congress (ILO) with did headquarter in____?

Answer is geneva switzerland

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it never like this before.i dnt get any solved tma here again..pls what is the solution