CHM192: introductory chemistry practical ii TMA2 question and answer


Question 1 which of the following is best recommended for chemical splash

Answer is safety google

Question 2 if one must use contact lens when handling chemicals then it must be worn with?

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Answer is safety goggle

Question 3 the symbol star or cross inscribed on chemical bottle signifies?

Answer is harmful irritant

Question 4 one of the advantage of stand bath to steam bath is?

Answer is it cover wide temperature range

Question 5

I. ammonium hydroxide

II. Hydrochloric acid

III. Sodium hydroxide

IV. Ethanoic acid

V. Sulphuric acid

Which of these compounds should be used only in the fume hood?

Answer is I,II, IV

Question 6 electronic balance is employed in the measurement of?

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Answer is mass substance

Question 7 12 wastage it is expected for a good scientist to immediately return unused reagent to a reagent bottle?

The answer is Not true

Question 8 which of the following apparatus is not suitable for distillation?

Below are the following apparatus that is suitable for distillation

I. Erlenmeyer flask

II. Round bottom flask

Lie-big condenser

the answer to the question is none of the above

Question 9 one of the advantage of solids that are corrosive is that they are?

Answer is safely handled

Question 10 which of the following is mostly applicable when heating of a substance require a very long period of time?

Answer is hot plate

Question 11 most halogenated hydrocarbon are not easily excreted from living cells?

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Answer is not true

Question 12 when a given concentration is to be prepared use_________?

Answer is graduated cylinder

Question 13 it is recommended that a glassware should be cleaned_____?

Answer is just after it use

Question 14 which of the following is not found in the laboratory


None of the above



Wire gauze

Answer is none of the above

Question 15 which of the following is used in separating liquid solution?

Gravity filtration

Vacuum filtration

None of the above


Answer is none of the above

Question 16 for accurate measurement graduated cylinder are preferred to have________?

Answer is flat base

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Question 17 the symbol skull ascribe on a chemical bottle means?

Answer is toxic

Question 18 graduated pipette funnel and beaker example of glassware without?

Answer is glass joint

Question 19 when measuring a liquid you use a,________ put it on a flat surface and get at______ level to read properly?

Answer is Graduated cylinder, eye

question 23 Hungry man working in a laboratory but remain hungry while in the laboratory

answer is correct

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