CIT102 Software Application Skills TMA4 Question and Answer


question 1 one of these is a trend type when plotting trend line of a graph?

Answer is linear

Question 2:_____ are defined as the screen platform between a user and a database record?

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answer is database form

question 3: one of these is not a property of fields used in database?

Answer is

Field maximum size

Field name

Field data type

Question 4 one of these is not among the step of opening ms access?

Answer is select control panel

Question 5_______ is a data structure consisting of different items of data all related to a common subject?

Answer is table

question 6 an excel file is______ extension

Answer is exl

Question 7 one of these converts computer digital information into what we can understand?

Answer is main memory

Question 8: usually the character field of a DBMS are limited to ______ character s?

Answer is 255

Question 9 the central unit part of a central processing unit operation what is called the _____ cycle?

Answer is fetch-executive

Question 10: A_______ is a group of record that hold all the data involved in a database

Answer is database table

question 11 statistical analysis play an important role in______?

answer is business planning

Question 12 data can be searched in database using_______?


Find and replace



All of the option

Question 13 The on the standard toolbar of microsoft excel allows _______

Question 14 instructions given to the computer to execute are in form of_______?

answer is command

Question 15 DBMS stand for database management______?

Answer is system

Question 16 these are common types of data used in field type in a database application except_____?

Answer is none of the options

Question 17 one of these is not an example of database application?

Answer is none of the option

Question 18 one of these is it design types in microsoft access

Answer is data sheet, tabular, columnar

Question 19 which of these is a word file extension?

answer is docx


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