CIT102 Software Application Skill TMA2 Question and Answers


Question 1 ______ is it time of changing of a document?

Answer is

Question 2 a very good example of desktop publishing package is the_____?

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answer is microsoft publisher

question 3 database management package are the application that computerize the routine tasks of recording and filing of_____?

Answer is data

Question 4:_______ is an application use for text preparation?

answer is: microsoft word

Question 5: ________ packaged are used for creating published materials such as newsletter, brochure and flyers?

Answer is: desktop publishing

Question 6: microsoft project is an application used for_____?

Answer is: project management

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Question 7 :________ screen allow you to see how your document will appear on paper before printing out?

Answer is: preview

Question 8 : A_______ software simply use the power and speed of a computer machine to perform some mathematical calculations or simulate some real life situation?

Answer is: modelling

Question 9: the application used for easier calculation is____?

Answer is excel

Question 10:________ is an application used for presentation?

Answer is PowerPoint

Question 11: _____involved changing the appearance of a document?

Answer is formatting

Question 12:_______ simply mean treasury of synonym and antonyms where you can select alternative words for some words?

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Answer is: Thesaurus

Question 13:____ is a manipulation of character by a machine to serve communication purpose?

Answer is word processing

Question 14: oracle provides application for______?

Answer is

Question 15:______ application where among the first commercial use of digital computer?

Answer is software

Question 16: electronic spreadsheet application is majorly used in business by accounting professionals to perform financial calculation?

answer is financial

Question 17: selecting _____ in words the simply mean a blank screen for you to create a new document

Answer is new

Question 18: editing is simply defined as__________?

Answer is manipulation

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Question 19: in word processing environment, the______ is very similar to the tip or point of a pen and it indicate where text will appear next when it is entered from the keyboard?

Answer is cursor

question 20:_______ options save your document, using the current filename or the one given to it by microsoft word

Answer is save

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