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Latest news on WAEC website error


You may have heard the WAEC latest news on held result of the Senior Secondary Certificate examination, especially if you are a student who’s waiting for these results as soon as possible. The problem is that many student who want to receive their exam results receive an error message, instead of result. What could be the problems?

Latest news on WAEC website error

These days, many Nigerian students who is egger to receive the result of their recent Secondary Certificate examination have been facing a big challenge. The result Being announced as available at the official website of the West African Examination Council, still appear to be unavailable when the result is been requested.

Many People who enter their personal details as requested by the system of the website but turn out an error message instead of result. The message display that the results are either unavailable or there’s a mistake in the provided details.


All this has build a lot of anxiety among the students who are anxious to see there results as quickly as possible.

This problems has been going on for some days now and many students have already started panicking, asking others at diverse students’ on online forums of the latest happening, but found out that the problems is general and not personal as such Some of them were relieved to hear that they are not alone.


Is there any WAEC news on the solution of the problems?

When investigate, a information from the official explain that the reason for all this is that, most recent results are still being uploaded to the website. It’s quite possible, too, that some of them are still being processed. The technical support of the website is working on the issue and probably, it will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Of course, many candidates have no time to wait until everything is done and want to receive their results as quickly as possible. The only way offered by the official side is the following: verify your profile attached to the official WAEC website by providing the technical support with the following data:

  • The message you receive when you try to check your results
  • The examination number you have received
  • The type of the examination you have passed
  • The examination year.


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