This deal with the financial information as regards the economic activities of business. an accountant deal with the compilation and analysis of financial report, for the purpose of indicating the financial position of individual, firms and corporate organisation.

Area of specialisation

Financial accounting

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Cost accounting

Tax accounting

Public and private auditing

ipInternal auditing and system auditing accounting

Employment opportunities

Actually they are needed in any establishment where business transactions involved income and expenditure, which necessitate the keeping and balancing of financial record. in fact and accounting graduate fit into both public and private establishment in any sector of the economy. in a nutshell they can walk and are needed everywhere.

Natural paper qualification

Cheerfulness, numerical aptitude, interest in transaction, 5 level credit passes to include;


English language


And any other two subjects.

Work conditions

Environment of work of an accountant is always neat and well furnished. what hazard are case of fraud, which could lead to jail term and retrenchment of the accountant.

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