Student Career decision making


How to choose a career

choosing a career is basically categorised into phase

  1. theoretical phase
  2. practical phase

a) Theoretical phase, deal with the theoretical defamation unique about career choice. this will help you in making a practical decisions about career choice.

b) the practical phase is all about psychometric and geometric test carried out on by student. here, a test questionnaire is put forward which will be answered based on your theoretical knowledge about careers.

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I will enjoy you to go through the various section in this post with diligence so as to enable you have proper theoretical knowledge of how to make suitable career decision from the basis of the theoretical phase. these factors help to answer the question how to choose a career now go over the various section so as to be able to answer this crucial question before you.

career education

this is the process of assisting the individual to choose an occupation prepare for it, enter it and progress in it. in this wise, career education had to maximize you are billy, and minimise your limitations and direct your talent. a good number of people have not been able to examine their potentialities and attempt to find suitable career that will bring them job satisfaction. hence many people find themselves in jobs they are, by chance and not by choice. career education can be seen as the knowledge of acceptance of one's aptitude, abilities, needs, like and dislike which are all geared towards good and wise choice of career.

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Super and Bohn (1970) Define a career as the sequence of occupation, jobs and position occupied throughout a man's lifetime.


Shartle in (1959) Define occupation as a group of similar jobs in various establishments. it is a principal employment, vacation, business, trade. it is a specific job for a specific time.

career choice for life process

various educationist, went into research on career choice. one of such person was Ginsberg. they come up with the finding that since choice is a life selection decision process, then career choice was dependent on the stage of life of a man. in accordance with this cherry, he identified three stage as regard career choice.

below are the stage at vine by Ginsberg

1 fantasy stage ( 1-11 years) Here all choice made are prone to change and hence her or realistic

2 tentative stage ( 11-18 years)

3 realistic stage ( 18-22 years)

This is based on the fact that the level of consciousness of a child increase with age from the naive, to magically, to analytical and finally in the highest level which is critical.

It is now known that, the best age for good career choice decisions at the late tentative and early realistic stage, when the students should have attained at least some level of analytical consciousness. there might be some limitations to this approach due to individual difference in man and different ways of maturity. based on this choice made at the fantasy stage are not the best choice, since the individual potential are not yet fully manifested then. career choice there for a better made at the late tentative and early realistic stage.

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Personality types among career choice

psychology reavels that there are six area of personality traits in man.Your relationship with the world of work is dependent on which of these streets dominate your beings.

The traits are

1. Realistic

2. the conventional types

3. artistic type

4. investigative type

5. social type

enterprising type


this physically oriented person. they dislike interpersonal relationship or verbal skills, but like masculine artisan job. the light the use of muscular skills. Hences career for such individual as sport,Workshop jobs, industrial and mechanical jobs which requires strength and masculinity.

conventional type

they like routine work. they are conservative people, mostly following laid down rules and regulation. they are good at clerical duty in office as they like office routine work. due to the stereotyped opinions, they tend to decline stress by confirming to majority side in argument. they are good in secretarial duties and other routine work like accounting and career in public service.

Artistic type

these are self expressive and creative person who like dramatic and literary vocation such as music, editing, photography, architecture and carving.

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Investigative type

these are people who are inclined to use ideas, im trying to dig into the unknown things. they are academically inclined, introverted, persistent and inssociable. They apply scientific average tuition. occupation suitable for this class of people are research, detective and exploration of the world around them. they are mostly found in science as doctors, pharmacies engineers and geologist.

social type

these are verbal, sociable, extroverted individual who put their quality into play in the world of work in different areas. they become successful as politicians, clergyman, hotelier, journalist and teachers. they like interpersonal relationship. they are also good at hospitality jobs, humanitarian jobs, leading roles and physically perform jobs.

enterprising type

This our dominion group of people boastful and have possess high level skill like the social type. they are adventurous, self confidence, like publicity, power and supervisory roles. they are persuasive and hence good as salesman as most of them are business and politically minded. they like leadership. renowned lawyers, contractors, economist and politicians can be made among them. it is imperative that to make suitable career choice you must first discover your personality type.

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