This is water that is use for examination of water sugar called peptone water sugar. The water is for preparation of sugar media and also used for cultivation of vibro cholerae. These can take place when the sugar media is in alkaline form; bellow is the composition and preparation of peptone water.

Peptone 10g

Sodium chloride 5g

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Distilled 1000ml

Dissolved the peptone followed by sodium chloride in steaming condition on these reaction adjust the pH to 7.5. After the completion of reaction, filter the solution via chardin type filter paper distribute it in a test tube or bottle and autoclave the solution at 10psi for 15 minute.


The preparation of peptone water sugar are with the peptone water add 1% Andrade indicator and specific quantity of 10% of sugar should be added, and filter with seitz filtration to yield a final 0.5% concentration of the solution.

Distributed into a tube or bottle, the bottle or tube should be inserted with Durham tube, and heat by steaming for 30 minute if the solution is prepared very well the solution will become pink on heating, but will go back to its initial color when cooled.

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Andrade Indicator: these solution are prepare by dissolving 0.5g of fuchsin in 100ml of distilled water follow by adding 16ml of 1.0M NaOH and left for overnight.

When the solution is mixed, the solution will change from pink color to brown red, and in a short time change to yellow. In case the color did not change, then add another 1.0M NaOH and allowed to stand for 24 hours for color to change.

Hiss Serum Water Sugar: this is a solution prepared from a mixture of serum, water and sugar. The solution is used for fermentation reaction of corynebacterium and other organism that required serum to grow effectively. The solution is prepared by ox serum 1%, distilled water 3% the reaction must be adjust to pH of 7.5 and 1% Andrade indication is added followed by 1% of sugar, distributed in a tube or bottle and sterilized by steaming at 20 minute every day for 3 days.

Solid Sugar medium: Solid medium is used for Neisseria or other organism that required serum for growth by fermentation reaction. The medium is prepared by melting nutrient agar and allowed is to cool to temperature of 5.5ºC. Aseptic precaution is necessary in every preparation. Measure 100ml of melted nutrient agar, and 0.04% phenol red 10g, follow by 5ml of rabbit serum, followed by 10ml of sugar solution. Distribute the medium in a bottle or tube, left it at room temperature to solidify by slopping the it, inoculate the required culture and incubate. Importantly, it only rabbit or human serum should be used, in case of ox or sheep serum, they contain maltase if they are used, it yield a false result reaction. But in case of muscle sugar content that may be found in the nutrient broth if they are well diluted, wrong result will not be achieved.


Litmus milk: these are fermentation reaction used for fermenting lactase coagulation and digestion of milk. These happened by using skimmed milk and litmus. The preparation depends on the quantity required by the preparatory.

Most of the organism isolated fromm stool or urine specimen are of two class, those one which are lactose fermenter are non pathogenic while non lactose fermenter are pathogenic micro organism. So in this case for examination and identification of this organism, special media must be used for culturing the specimen, the media used must be inhibitory media that will inhibit the growth of non pathogenic organism and permit the growth of pathogenic organism without any obstruction when the media is well prepared. There are several media suitable for examination of these micro organism, but there function depend on the specific type of micro organism suspect in the specimen which is be cultured.

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