In the preparation of culture solution, it is recommended that all procedure should be carried out in an aseptic atmosphere in other to avoid the contamination of the media. Below are the procedure on how to prepared culture solution.

  1. Boil the media to be use in an appropriate temperature, care must be taken to overheat the media.
  2. Pour it into the petri dish allowed to cool and set in the autoclave to be sterilized, the sterilization will kill any organism that may have escape into the media during this period.
  3. The specimen is then inoculates into the medium and quickly covered.
  4. And taken to an incubator for incubation.

The incubation temperature depends on the type of specimen in question. Also observation for identification of colonies depend on the organism in question, some may be observed 2-3 days while some may take a week or more as the case may be.

Materials required for preparation of culture solution are;

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  1. Microscope
  2. Petri dish
  • Microscopic slide
  1. Wire loop
  2. Cover slip
  3. Test tube
  • Hand lens
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