GST202 fundamental of peace studies and conflict resolution TMA2 question and answer


Question 1 _____introduce to the theory of conflict the view of productive and constructive conflict?

Answer is Dahrendorf

Question 2 specific objectives of the DDR programme is to increase the size of the arm force and the other natural organisation force?

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The full meaning of the DDR disarmament demobilization and reintegration

Answer is false

question 3 arms control is not meant to break the security dilemma?

Answer is false

Because arms control is meant to break the security dilemma

Question 4 in _____peace education is narrowly defined as anti atomic bomb?

Answer is japan

Question 5 the relational dimension of peace building focus on________?

Answer is reconciliation, forgiveness and trust building

question 6 the security council perform a number of functions?

Answer is maintenance of peace and security, investigate that may lead to war or danger and other military action

Question 7 characteristic of small arms and light weapon is?

Answer is simplicity and durability lethality italy and portability

question 8 proliferation of arms threatens legitimate but weak government?

Answer is true

Question 9 germany is not a permanent member of security council?

Answer is true

Question 10 in traumatic situation a person is rendered powerless and face the threat of death and injury?

Answer is true


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