BIO216 Chemistry of carbohydrate and lipid and nucleic acid TMA2 2018 question and answer


Question 1 which of the disaccharide contain identical monosaccharide unit?

Answer is trehalose

Question 2 which of these statement is not lipid?

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Answer is some a good source of protein

Question 3 neutral lipids can be extracted from tissue using all but one of the following?

Answer is water

Question 4 arachidonic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid with____ double bonds?

Answer is 4

Question 5 n-eicosanoicacid has ______no of carbon atom in the carbon skeleton?

Answer is 20

Question 6 ___is the number of grams of iodine absorbed by 100g of lipids?

Answer is iodine value

Question 7 fatty acid react with glycerol to form_____?

Answer is ester

Question 8 which of these lipid does not undergo hydrolysis?

answer is prostaglandins

Question 9 _____the most abundant of all lipid?

Answer is acylglycerols

question 10 the physical properties of fatty acid is determined by all but one of the following?

Answer is no hydroxyl group

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