Chm205 in organic chemistry li tma1 question and answer


Chm 205 inorganic chemistry li tma1

Question 1 ______is a compound of coal and petroleum?

Answer is carbon

Question 2 the ability of the molecule of graphite held together to slide past one another impart in it_____?

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Answer is lustre

Question 3____ is used for making crucible as a lubricant in heavy machine and as pencil lead?

Answer is graphite

Question 4 which of the following statement is correct?

Answer is hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride give silicic acid
Question 5 commercial form of silicon can be obtained by_______?

Answer is reductions of silicon dioxide with calcium II carbide in an electric furnace

Question 6 diamond behave as an insulator because of_____?

answer is strong covalent bond formed within its molecule restricting mobility of election.

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Question 7 although diamond occur in nature but it can be obtained artificially by_______?

Answer is subjecting cabin to high temperature and pressure

Question 8____ is used to strengthen rubber as a pigment, in ink, paint, paper and plastic?

Answer is carbon black

Question 9 diamond is one of the hardest substance known due to the present of _____in the structure?

Answer is 3-dimensional linkage

Question 10 diamond is not a conductor of electricity because of_____?

Answer is it does not have delocalised electron

Question 11_____ occur the elemental state as diamond and graphite?

Question 12 among the group 4 element moving from carbon to silicon the covalent radius increase sharply afterward the increase is gradually this is attributed to______?

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Answer is as you move down the group up to silicon effective nuclear charge out balance the effect of additional shell leading to a sharp increase and afterward gradually increase in size.

Question 13 which of the following option is used in glass and cement manufacture?

Answer is silicate

Question 14_____ is formed when petroleum gas or natural gas is burnt in a limited supply of air?

The answer is carbon black

Western 15 group 4 elements form mostly covalent compounds because of_______?

Answer is generations energy required to form the m4 + is low

Question 16 the element of group 4 sho oxidation state of?

Answer is + 2 and + 4

western 17 germanium is obtained by________?

Answer is reduction of germanium dioxide with carbon or hydrogen


Question 18 tin is obtained by_________?

Answer is reduction of oxide of tin with carbon

Question 19 the different layers or molecules of graphite are held together by_____?

Answer is van der waal force

Question 20 diamond and silicon carbide have the same structure but they are differ in that_______?

Answer is in diamond each carbon is tetrahedral bonded to four other carbon why in silicon carbide silicon is tetrahedral bonded to four other carbon

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