Chm203 organic chemistry li TMA1 question and answer


Question 1 which of these can be used to determine the purity of a crystal?

Answer is


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Boiling point

And melting point

Question 2 which of these statement is correct?

Answer is

Ethanol molecule are bonded by hydrogen bond

Alcohol liquid turn vapour when the intermolecular hydrogen bond is broken.

Hydrogen bonding play an important role in cell ability of alcohol.

Question 3 an acid are the electron pair acceptor and based at the electron pair dunno this definition was proposed by who?

Answer is lewis 1934

Question 4 according to Arrhenius which of this statement is correct?

Answer is Acceptance which produce hydrogen ion in aqueous solution

Question 5 the intermolecular interaction which exist between nonpolar molecule is referred to as____?

Answer is dipole dipole interaction

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Question 6 a pair of base and its conjugate acid or acid and its conjugate base is called?

Answer is conjugate acid base pair

Question 7 the relationship between melting point and molecular weight of organic compounds can be viewed as?

Answer is larger molecule weight compound is tend to have higher melting point

Question 8 the strength of an acid is measured by the ability to_____?

Answer is separate completely into hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ion

Question 9 the following an example of structural effect which affect the reactivity of molecule except?

Answer is tautomerism effect

Question 10 henderson hasselbalch equation relate which parameter?

Answer is divisions of ph as a measure of acidity using pka decoration is useful for estimating the ph of a buffer solution and finding the equilibrium ph in acid base reaction phd ka + log 10 ((A-)/(HA))

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question 11 in determining the solubility of a substance the rule of thumbs means?

Answer is polar solvent desolved polar solute

question 12 why ethanoate ion called conjugate base of ethanoic acid?

Answer is because ethanoate can accept proton to become a ethanoic acid

Question 13 a proton is just one of the large number of species that may act as a lewis acid true or false?

Answer is false

Question 14 hydroxyl ion is a conjugate base of which of the following?

Answer is water

Question 15 when can a substance be considered soluble in a solvent?

Answer is when it molecule dissociate completely and the present of the ion of that solvent

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Western 16 what is solubility of a substance?

answer is amount of substance volume of solvent

Question 17 which of these is a weak acid?

Question 18 which of this relationship will lead to dissolutions of solute?

answer is none of the above find the answer yourself

Question 19 the ability of any solvent to dissolve a solute is measured by its?

answer is dielectric constant

Question 20 which of these properties depend on the interionic or intermolecular force?

Answer is melting point, boiling point and solubility

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