Gastric and pancreatic function test



The essential things must be known before undergoing pancreatic and gastric function test

It is very necessary before we discuss the test involving the digestive and pancreatic system, you must have the understanding of the nutritional needs of the body.

The food we eat is composed largely of the animal and plant material or of product came from them, they include the important diet the body system required; example of them are;





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mineral salt


and roughages.

For the cell of the body to function properly, this essentials nutrient must be provided to the body system.

Most foodstuff ingested are in form which are unavailable to the body, as such they cannot be absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract until broken down to smaller unit. The breaking down of the naturally occurring Into absorbable unit is a process of digestion helped by the secretions of enzyme and juice in the digestive tracks.

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The product of digestion, along with fluid minerals and vitamins, cross the mucosa of the intestine and enter the lymph or blood a process known as absorption.

Some constituent of the diet which can not be digested and absorbed are excreted out from the body as faeces the process is called elimination.

The five processes include; injection




and elimination

all activities of the digestive system.

Diet are made of of various foods which are classified based on their chemical structures and the physical property.

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