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Pain, treatment of pain, types of pain and the effect of pain

On this post we are going to discuss on pains, the causes of pain, the types of pain, and the treatment of pain.

Pain is one of the commonest of all symptoms and which all time need treatment before determining it specific cause. Pain is both an emotional and physical experience and it’s difficult to compare from one person to another. When patient may have a high pain threshold and complain only after the disease process has progress beyoung it early stage why another with a low pain threshold may complain about the pain that will be ignored or tolerated by most people. Pain from any course can be increased by anxiety fear depression loneliness and frustration or anger.

Acute pain serve as a useful function as a protective mechanism that lead to the removal of the source of the pain whether it be localised injuries or infection.

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Chronic pain serve a less useful function and is often more difficult to treat. Altered acute pains require immediate attention it cause is usually is left found whereas chronic pain complained maybe more complicated and difficult to isolate. The ideal method for treating pain is to eliminate the cause such as surgical removal and inflamed structure to apply hot compress to a muscle spasm or to set fracture bone in a cast. Alternative to drugs therapy such as physical therapy should be relied on whether possible. The analgesic drug most often you to alleviate millet and moderate pain are the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs) such as aspirin ibuprofen acetaminophen or indomethacin. If these are ineffective hey wake up yet such as codeine hydrocodone or oxycodone will be the next choice. Severe pain not controlled by this agent require a strong office such as morphine or meperidine. Because opiate are addictive they’re used is control by the controlled substance act and individual prescribing or dispensing this drug must register annually with a drug enforcement agency. Which drugs is assigned to one of its five groups from shedding one which include drugs that have the highest potential for abuse to schedule 5 which include drugs with a limited dependence causing potential.


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