Bio101 General Biology TMA1

Question 1 all living things can?

Answer is respire

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Question 2 excretion in living things is resultant from?

Answer is cell activity in the cytoplasm

Question 3 which of the following is not a character of living things?

Answer is a crying

Question 4 growth in a multicellular organism?

Answer is increase the number of it cells

Question 5 growth in a unicellular organism?

Answer is increase it protoplasm

Question 6 every living cell is made up of?

Answer is protoplasm

Question 7 there are_____ aspect of metabolism?

Answer is two

Question 8 metabolism is?

Answer is chemical process

Question 9 metabolism is a process carried out by?

Answer is lenticel

Question 10 the main reason for assimilation is to?

Answer is maintain life

Question 11 which of these statement is most correct?

answer is animal depend on plant for food

Question 12 the two kind of living things are?

Answer is plant and animal

Question 13 the product of light energy is used as

Answer is food

Question 14 which of these energy source is necessary for building complex nutritive substance?

Answer is light

Question 15 living things belong to?

Answer is to group

Question 16 living things feed for?

Answer is energy

Question 17 in living things new ones must be?

Answer is produced

Question 18 in living things one of these statement is correct?

Answer is which must be removed

Question 19 living things does one of the following for survival?

Answer is add protoplasm

Question 20 which of these statements best describe a characters of living things?

Answer is utilise energy from the environment

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