CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry 1 TMA2


Chm101 Introductory practical chemistry tma2

Question 1 of all the listed chemical the most dangerous and which cause rapid destruction of the skin is?

Answer is (HF) hydrogen fluoride

Question 2 AgNO3 cause ______ burns?

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Answer is caustic

Question 3 one of these is a narcotic causing mental confusion?

Answer is (CHCL3) methyl iii chlorides

Question 4. an irritant of this chemical is?

Answer is benzoyl chloride

Question 5 burns generally caused by hot equipment can be treated as _____ are treated?

Answer is cuts

Question 6 when there is a spill of _____ in the eye you wash with 1m acetic acid then apply vaseline?

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Answer is (NaOH) sodium hydroxide

Question 7 the first item in a laboratory book with good format is_______?

Answer is title of the experiment

Question 8 all these are components of brief outline of an experimental procedure?

Answer is brief procedure

Question 9. ________ increase the solubility of most substance?

Answer is heating

Question 10 when there is a spill of ______in the eye you apply ethanol on a cotton wool pad?

Answer is sodium

Question 11 the usage of the first few page in the laboratory notebook is for_______?

Answer is making list of content

Question 12 in gravimetric analysis the precipitate is sometimes heated to a high temperature to convert it into a component of_______?

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Answer is hygroscopic nature

question 13 the last item in a laboratory book with good format is?

Answer is calculation if necessary

Question 14 a boiling water bath can be used for all these except?

Answer is evaporation of liquid

Question 15 when there is a spill of _______wash with 2m ammonia and keep the affected part dipped in NaHSO3

Answer is Br2

Question 16 copper or aluminium fitted with a series of metallic rings to adjust _________of a boiling water bath?

Answer is size of the opening

Question 17 electric oven have a temperature range from room temperature to about _______degree temperature?

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Answer is 300 degree

Question 18 the temperature range of drying oven can be thermostatically control to which _______degrees celsius?

Answer is 1 to 2

Question 19 when there is a spill of_______ in the eyes you wash with ethanol and then hospital treatment?

Answer is phenol

Question 20 the process in which ions present in solution is converted into an insoluble component is______?

Answer is precipitation.

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