CHM103 introductory physical chemistry TMA2 question and answer


Question 1 the si unit of temperature is?

Answer is Kelvin

Question 2 which of this is correct?

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Answer is 0.35kg

Question 3 an ideal gas differ from a real gas in that the molecule of an ideal gas_________?

Answer is have a molecular worth of zero

Question 4. an ideal gas is contain in a volume v at temperature t if the volume is double at constant pressure the temperature will be_______?

Answer is halve

Question 5 according to the kinetic theory of gases a gas can be compressed much more than a liquid or a solid?

Answer is the particle of a gas are very far apart

Question 6 for a gas which pair of variable are inversely proportional to each other ( if all other conditions remain constant )?

Answer is P,V

Question 7 which of the following measurement describes the pressure of a gas?

Answer is 725mmHg

Question 8 electrical resistance measure in__________?

Answer is Ohms

Question 9 the process of separating a pure solid from a solution is known as_________?

Answer is crystallization

Question 10 standard temperature and pressure refers to:

Answer 1 atm and 273K

Question 11 three 1.0 flaks are field with hydrogen oxygen and neon respectively at stp which of the following statement is true?

Answer is each flask has the same number of gas molecule

Question 12 a real gas most closely approach the behaviour of an ideal gas under condition of:

Answer is low P and high T

Question 13_______ is used for measuring the viscosity of a substance?

Answer is ostwald viscometer

question 14___________ is used to measure the strength of an acid or base?

Answer is ph meter

Question 15 the S .i unit for frequency is_________?

Answer is Hertz

Question 16 the formation of a solid from a solution is called_______?

Answer is crystallization

Question 17 the s i unit of energy is_________?

Answer is joules

Questions 18. Which one of the following statement is not consistent with the kinetic-molecular theory of gases

Answer is the average kinetic energies of different gases are different at the same temperature

Question 19. which of the following apparatus is not useful during titration?

Answer is microwave

Question 20 which of these statement is correct?

Answer is volume of a gas at constant pressure is directly proportional to it kelvin temperature

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