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Question 1. Which of these is not attributed to alkali earth metal? Answer is production of jar

Question 2. Which of the following is not a radioactive elements?

Option given

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None of the above

The answer is non of the above

Question 3. Which of these bonds has the weakest bond energy?

Answer is metallic bond

Question 4. Decrease in hydration energy makes a compound_______?

Answer is insoluble

Question 5. All cations are smaller than all common anaions except for one of these?

Answer is sodium cation

Questions 6. Which of the following scientists never made any contributions to the development of periodic table?

Answer is T.M peters

Question 7. The attractive force which binds a hydrogen atom of one molecules with an electronegative atom molecules of the same compound is called________?

Answer is hydrogen bond

Question 8. Which of these element dose not belong to the alkali metals?

Answer is Radium

Question 9. Which of these hydride is electron deficient?

Answer is magnesium, beryllium, and aluminum hydride.

Question 10. Which of these increase the solubility of compound?

Answer is a small action and a large anions

Question 11. Ionization energy _________ down the group within the alkali metals

Answer is increase

Question 12. ______ is define as one-half of the distance between the nuclei of two adjacent metal atoms in the close packed crystals lattice?

Answer is metallic radius

Question 13. Silt is an example of __________ hydride?

Answer is covalent

Questions 14. A consequence of _______ is the formation of chelate ring?

Answer is intramolecular hydrogen bond

Question 15. How many type of sulphides are formed when alkali metals react with sulphur?

Answer is 2

Question 16. When a metal is surrounded by solvent molecules excluding water, the phenomenon is called ____ of the metal ion?

Answer solvation

Question 17. The most abundant metal in sea water is_____?

Answer is sodium

Questions 18 potassium compound can used for the following?

Answer is liquid detergent, plant fertilizer.

Question 19. Hydride of alkali metals react with water to liberate _____?

Answer is hydrogen

Question 20. Which of this is not a properties of hydrogen?

Answer is it has a pungent smell.

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