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Question 1. Numeric data comprise mostly of________?

Answer is numbers

Question 2. Data and information, retrieval is the _______ of data and information _____?

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Answer is update, retrieval

Question 3. The binary number of 8 is?

Answer is 1000

Question 4. The following are features of a system except?

Answer is non of the options

Question 5. Database, tables, forms, queries report etc. Are known as_______?

Answer is database

Question 6. Data and information retrieval enable information______ to find, evaluate and use the data or information?

Answer is searchers

Question 7. The effectiveness of data organizations and can't be assessed in terms of volume of data processed?

Answer is true

Question 8. The binary numbers of 7 is

Answer is 111

Question 9. Example of information searchers include except?

Answer is thesaurus

Question 10. The scanner can be used to input _______ into the computer?

Answer is picture

Question 11. Convert 64 to binary number?

Answers is non of the option

Question 12. A data model whereby data records are grouped in terms of being superordinate to one another is referred to as?

Answer is Hierarchical

Question 13. Logically structured data are likely to convey better information?

Answer is information

Question 14. Data definition and structure refers to the process of determining _____ in which data will be created, acquired, stored and transferred?

Answer is style

Question 15. ___________ is an example of a systems?

Answer is informational system

Question 16. Convert 1101 to decimal?

Answer is 13

Question 17. Convert 1111 binary number to decimal ?

The answer is 14

Question 18. ______________ is created when we process data with a machine or computer?

Answer is information

Question 19. The computer systems use________ number system for creating, processing, storing and interpreting data?

Answer is Binary

Question 20. The octal system has __________ symbols of digit?

Answer is 8

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