Standard atomic weight [1.00784, 1.00811] conventional: 1.008
Appearance colorless
Atomic Number 1
Group number 1
Period number 1
Block s-block element
Electron per Shell 1
Category of the element Diatomic non metal
Electronic configuration 1S1

physical properties

Color colorless
Melting point 13.99K
Boiling Point 20.271K
Molar heat capacity (H2) 28.836J/(mol.k)
Heat of evaporation (H2) 0.904kJ.mol
Critical point 32.938K
Heat of fusion (H2) 0.117kJ/mol
Triple point 13.8033K
Liquid at boiling point 0.07099g/cm3
Liquid at melting point 0.07g/cm3
Phase at standard temperature and pressure gas
Density at standard temperature and pressure 0.08988g/L
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Atomic properties

Van der wall radius 120pm
Covalent radius 31 ±5pm
Oxidation state -1, +1 an amphoteric oxide
Ionization energy First ionization energy: 1312.0kj/mol
Electronegativity Pauline scale: 2.20

others properties

Speed of sound 1310m/s (gas, 27°C
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Thermal conductivity 0.1805W/m.k
Magnetic susceptibility -3.98 x 10-6cm3/mole (298K)
Magnetic ordering Diamagnetic
CAS number 12385-13-6 and 1333-74-0-(H2)
Discover by Henry Cavendish (1766)
Name by Antoine Lavoisier (1783)
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Hydrogen Isotope

Isotope Abundance Half-life (t1/2) Decay mode Product
1H 99.98% stable
2H 0.02% Stable
3H Trace 12.32 years β- 3He
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