2018 GST202: Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution TMA1 question and answer


 GST202: Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution TMA1

Question 1 : Conflict between Niger Delta and Multinational oil companies in Nigeria are caused by the following except
A. lack of social responsibility
B. irresponsible Nigerian leaders
C. scarce resources
D. pollution


ANSWER TO QUESTION 1 IS C. scarce resources

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Question 2 : Which of these is not correct?
A. Individualist cultures assume individuals look primarily after their own interest and those of their immediate family.
B. American and Northern European societies as generally having low power distance and high individualism
C. None of these.
D. A collectivist society is tightly integrated; an individualist society is loosely integrated.

ANSWER TO QUESTION 2 IS C. None of these

Question 3 : Intra-Group Conflict is referred to as a conflict --------------------
A. between individuals, or faction within a group.
B within an individual
C. between groups such as club, class versus class, family versus family
D. between two or more individuals over an issue.

ANSWER TO QUESTION 3 IS A. between individuals, or faction within a group.

Question 4 : Conflict is caused by all of the following except one.
A. geographical needs
B. resources
C. psychological needs
D. values

ANSWER TO QUESTION 4 IS A. geographical needs
Question 5 : Who sees conflict as highly contingent on the emergence of ??charismatic leaders? who could mobilise subordinates.
A. Marx
B. Weber
C. Clegg
D. Parson


Question 6 : Karl Marx posits that the more the rate of unequal distribution of --------- in the society, the greater is the basic conflict of interest between its dominant and subordinate segments
A. geographical needs
B. values
C. scarce resources
D. psychological needs

ANSWER TO QUESTION 6 IS C. scarce resources

Question 7 : Conflict is not necessarily -------- in itself
A. Confrontational
B. positive
C. controversial
D. negative

ANSWER TO QUESTION 7 is D. negative

Question 8 : Conflict is not ------------
A. competition
B. a controversy
C. a fight
D. contention

ANSWER TO QUESTION 8 A. competition

Question 9 : ??Culture? is often linked with ethnicity, as both the external and internal cultures are often determined by -----------
A. nationalists
B. ethnic groups.
C. leaders
D. individuals

ANSWER TO QUESTION 9 IS B. ethnic groups

Question 10 : The generational conflict between Fulani herdsmen and local farmers is basically caused by
A. psychological needs
B. values
C. scarce resources
D. geographical needs

ANSWER TO QUESTION 10 is C. scarce resources

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