DNA of Bacteria

Bacteria genetic information is in corporate inside DNA, while DNA is in turn found inside the chromosome in the nucleus of the cell. DNA information are encoded by four group of nucleotide base on which are Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, made up of triplet without overlapping and are read number by number, it segmented into three base set of cordon, each of these set are coding for one amino acid, for example the sequence adenine-guanine-adenine (AGA) encoding argine the DNA nucleotide on these condition is transformed into a complementary sequence in the messenger RNA, these mRNA is read on the ribosome in connection with transfer RNA, in these point the reaction of amino acid in turn form a cluster of polypeptide of the correct sequence required by the structure and enzymatic protein functions, for bacteria to be able to produce exact copy of itself, the information that the DNA contain must be able to give exact duplication and transformation during cell division.

Change in the genetic information result in alteration of genes and therefore affect the bases in other to have a balance of identity through several years to come perfectly depend on the exact replication of the nucleic acid, the transformation and transcription. Bacteria change and adaptation depend on in accuracy, there are varieties of things carried out on bacteria that give way for the extortion of the inheritance power for change to the merit of the survival line of the bacteria such things are quick division time of bacteria growth optimally 20 minute of Escherichia Coli give several way for genetic to change. Important haploid nature of the bacteria genome allowed quick expression of result of genetic alterations excessive important selection pressure opposed by the environment.

Genetic alteration mean mutation, most of this alteration causes death to the cell that received them, because of the multiple number of cell produce by optimal division of bacteria, it help the bacteria to maintain a stationary phase. The effect of mutation is able to adopt environmental alteration.

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Total event give excuse in short period for survival line during adverse condition, for example when patient antibiotic treatment or media containing antibiotic in the laboratory. However, the long period implication depends on the original extortion of many different environment in which bacteria are found today.



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