Limitation of Bohr Theory

Shortcoming of Bohr Theory

Despite the fact of direction which Bohr explain that give us general information about atom, theory still have some questionable assumption, which is called shortcoming of Bohr theory;

  1. Bohr Theory did not explain the atomic spectra containing more than one electron.
  2. The theory fail to predict the relative intensities of the line or splitting of the line when atomic excitation in the magnetic field take on the atom with a single electron, place called Zeeman Effect. Spectral line were discovered to be more complex when examined with high resolution equipment’s, even in the absent of the external field.
  3. The theory neglect wave nature of electron.
  4. It violates the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle, by saying it is possible to know exactly the position and study the motion of the electron at the same times.
  5. It recognize electron to be in stationary position, having exact point and distance from the nucleus.
  6. It failed to explain molecular bonds
  7. It failed to predict the relative intensities of line spectra
  8. It failed to explained fine structure and hyperfine structure in spectral lines.

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