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Structure of Bacteria

DISCRIPTION OF BACTERIA STRUCTURE Bacteria structures are made up of some essential composition, the cell wall of the bacteria composed of lattice structure of peptidoglycan. Lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide. They are constituent that give bacteria it shape, and also confer defense


Classification of Bacteria This simply means the study of bacteria. Bacteria are small unicellular microorganism that can only be seen with the aid of microscope. Bacteria exist in a different form, such as cluster, ovoid, spheroid, etc. they poses a

Limitation of Bohr Theory

Shortcoming of Bohr Theory Despite the fact of direction which Bohr explain that give us general information about atom, theory still have some questionable assumption, which is called shortcoming of Bohr theory; Bohr Theory did not explain the atomic spectra

what is the Different between Fungi, Rickkeettsiae, and chlamydia?

FUNGI fungi are non-green plant organism, they are saprophytic or parasitic. The saprophytic fungi are beneficial to man, why that of parasitic causes different type of disease to man. Fungi been saprophytic or parasitic, they cannot manufacture their food by